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We have worked with a variety of public and private sector business clients over the years solving problems from automating day-to-day processes to full data management and reporting systems. A few projects include:

SQL Server/Data Management

Set up complex system for capturing sales, tax and reporting data for use in compensation tracking and reporting. Process included setting up numerous custom stored procedures and functions to pull meta data from proprietary billing databases. Set up scheduling process for running related jobs.

Sales Reporting

Created web based program for capturing and reporting sales and related data in over 100 reports used by dozens of end users. Set up process for automating distribution of reports to internal employees, including custom email with specific sales data embedded in email and/or as pdf attachment. Set up process for generating permanent copies of time sensitive data in pdf reports at month end including saving reports on web server for easy retrieval by end users.

Conversion of MS Access into Web Based Application

Worked with service providor and manufacturing facility in converting MS Access desktop application into a secure URL based application accessable only on clients' internal network. Set up application for use on both handheld and desktop devices for mobile use. Set up databases in cost effective MySQL, eliminating need for expensive MSSQL licenses and management. Designed consistent process for capturing and displaying data with options for export to Excel/csv and/or reports. Set up audit process using database trigger, displaying data for admin users to evaluate in front-end application.

Net Value Profitability Analysis

The Net Value Database is for Cellular Service Providers to use as a tool to make better business decisions, improving overall profitability by providing: Information to determine the status of accounts when making decisions about changing service, plans or equipment. Dynamic reporting options, including creating customized account filters, for use in evaluating trends in customer and roaming partner activity.

Field Tracking Web Applications

Developed a number of applications for cellular providors to track information captured by sales reps and/or agents in the field including repairs, trouble tickets, sales activity and numerous other promotions. Process includes tools to build and secure electronic forms for capturing, tracking and processing data including notification of Customer Service Reps when new data is available for processing. Dynamic reporting options, including summary graphs, showing the concentration of activity by issue, location, technician, or other user defined criteria.

PLEX Reporting

Provided support to accounting management in capturing complex cost and labor data used in manufacturing process using PLEX accounting system. Set up related reports and stored procedures with dynamic parameters for use in monthly reporting process.

Order Processing Automation

Created process for building custom Excel templates for use by retail stores in submitting orders to warehouse. Set up process for warehouse to initially map required parameters in templates. Automated process to extract and cross check order data in batches on periodic/weekly basis, and create csv file for upload into mainframe system.

Maintenance Log

A versatile tool for managing ongoing maintenance activities. Dynamic process for building and scheduling maintenance steps. User friendly log for recording maintenance completed and flagging entries for future follow-up. Easy to use tracking of maintenance due and completed. Past due entries flagged/highlighted for easy identification. Capability to export to Excel for further analysis.

Contact Management

An easy, secure process of sharing valuable information with business partners. User defined contact groupings, allowing one contact to be identified with many different groupings (i.e. Follow-up, Christmas List, New Customer, etc.). Filtering and sorting options to quickly find contacts. Easy export of information for inclusion in mailing lists, labels, etc.