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Diane Borthwick is the owner and president of DB Solutions, Inc. Her experience working in business and finance combined with programming skills offer better solutions to complicated business problems than you might find with other database developers. Since forming DB Solutions in October 2000, she has worked with a variety of business clients. This includes successful completion of a number of USACE subcontracts. In addition, she actively works with companies in warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and banking. In recent years, she has developed a niche working with rural cellular providers, helping them analyze customer profitability and building applications to more effectively track and manage day-to-day business activities.

Our Services:

We can design new custom web, server, or desktop database applications that will automate and streamline your business processes and/or upgrade existing databases.

New Custom Database Applications

We can simplify time consuming and error prone manual tasks by managing data in a streamlined database application. Common benefits include:

Data Collection: Convert tasks that may involve copying and pasting data managed in Excel into a simple process allowing user selection of files for automatic import into the database. We can design databases to interface with many different types of files and programs, including other databases, such as SQL Server or MySQL.

Reporting: Replace cumbersome processes such as updating and reformatting ranges of data in Excel worksheets in building reports. With little to no modification by the end user, web based or Access database reports can immediately display custom filtered data specific to your business needs.

Office Automation: We can build processes to allow for easier analysis and use of data in programs you are familiar with. If end users are more comfortable working with data in Excel, we can automate creation of simple to complex worksheets to aid you in your analyses. In addition, databases for managing documents or addresses can easily output data into Word or Outlook.

Existing Database Applications

We are extremely proficient in redesigning, repairing, and upgrading existing database applications due to years of experience in working with all versions of Office in an array of operating environments.

Redesign: As your business needs change, your database needs may change as well. We have vast experience upgrading applications created by other developers. In addition, we provide ongoing support to all databases created by DB Solutions, Inc. You may be ready to upgrade a database created in-house to a level above your level of expertise. We can provide training and support in achieving this goal, or provide all upgrade/design services; your choice.

Repair: Changes in your operating environment and/or data source often result in unexpected problems in existing databases. Such problems can have a devastating impact on your work flow. We can normally address database repairs within 24 hours, getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Upgrade: If you are ready to upgrade to the next version of Office, your Access database may need modification to ensure proper function. We can help you plan for conversions, by testing databases prior to conversion and/or assist during conversion. In addition, if your data needs exceed the limits of MS Access, we can help you upgrade to MSSQL or MySQL with options for managing data with a web or desktop based front-end.